What is it all about ?
From Vloggers (video-bloggers) to Ethical Hackers and even Music — Dell Futurist brings speakers from careers that are alternative, creative and rooted in technology. These speakers from diverse disciplines and work cultures will share inspiring stories that will change attitudes, and instigate a techno-creative rebellion in your students.
What's in it for you ?
The new age career wave has given rise to a host of careers where technology is fun! Dell Futurist — an initiative for the college youth dedicated to inspire them through captivating talks by new-age career gurus. These gurus, are experts in their respective creative fields and will share how to make work fun while also using technology!
The road to glory
Presenting to you a sneak-peak of the amazing Dell Futurist sessions from our Seasons 1 and 2.
Tune in this Season as Dell Futurist brings to you an array of brain crunching gyan and excitement driven by the new-age techno-creative career gurus.
Let's take a look at our DIY winners
Soundtrack from Ishan Bhatt
Team Winner - Skanda & group
Jay Khatriya & Team